Shed Roof Repair

So you finally decided to do something about that shed that’s been leaking for years now.

No question that there is damage to roof shingles and the decking. So here’s the question. So should I call someone out to repair the roof on the shed? Or, should I get brave and do the repairs myself?

DIY Repairs

Well if you have the extra money to spare then definitely call a roofing company or a qualified handyman. But if you want to save the money, and you have a little confidence as a DIY kind of person then…  “you can do it!”

First, do an inspection of the shed and determine if you can do a few small repairs or if you need to remove the old shingles and decking and replace the entire roof. Are there just a couple of shingles missing or loose that is allowing the roof to leak? Or, is the roof shingles weathered, deteriorated, curled and appear to have reached its life span? The inspection will let you know the extent of the damage and cost. Then make a list of the tools and materials that you will need to complete the job.

Repairing Missing Shingles

If you are just repairing the roof you can simply replace the damaged or missing shingles one at a time. Lift up the shingle just above the damaged shingle, remove the nails from the damaged shingle and remove it. Then slide the new shingle back into place, nail it down so that the shingle above it will cover the nails in the new shingle and if needed use a little roofing cement to hold the top shingle down on the new one. If you have nails holes just fill them with roofing caulk to stop the leak.

If you decide to replace the roof entirely then you should remove all the shingles and felt from the decking. Note: you may need to replace the decking as well if it is water damaged or disintegrating. Next you need to make sure the decking is clean and free of any debris. Make sure all the existing nails have been removed. Start at the left hand corner of the roof and roll out your new felt working from left to right. Overlap the felt 2 to 3 inches until it is fully covered.

Roofing The Shed

Use a starter shingle with an overhang of ¼ inch past the edge on both sides of the roof. Now start your three-tab shingle starting at the left hand corner and nail it over the starter shingle. Complete the row with however many shingles that it takes using four to six nails per shingle. On the next row cut off six inches from the first shingle so the tabs will be staggered and complete the next row. Continue on until both sides of the roof are covered.

For the ridge, determine how many shingles you will need to cover the ridge from one end to the other. Center the ridge shingles evenly and nail them into place so the next shingle covers the nails and complete the ridge by cutting off the excess at the end of the roof line.